Main floor

Dimensions: 180’ x 96’  Square Feet: 17,280


Ceiling Height: 22' minimum


General Info

  • The Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center is a spacious multipurpose facility. The dramatic yet simple architecture is highlighted by large windows on the east and west sides as well as skylights extending the length of the building.
  • Heated and Air Conditioned
  • Restrooms: ADA Accessible
  • Concrete floor
  • Free Parking nearby


Click Here for a tour of the Animal Learning Center



The event will be held regardless of or in spite of the weather.  The average high temperature is 29 ºF and the average low temperature is 11 ºF.  On most winter days in Des Moines, the average snow fall is just a skiff; amounting to less than an inch of fresh snow on the ground.   On average, Des Moines receives a snowfall of an inch or more eleven days a year.  Snowstorms of over five inches a day typically occur only once or twice a season.  Therefore, the chance of a major snowfall during NIFF are slight, but it's possible.  Regardless, the weather inside the Animal Learning Center will be warm and cheery!


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